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There are many projects that came from the same family as EVA. Check them out for the full experience :)

V-Core 3

A CoreXY 3D printer design from Rat Rig, where I am one of the main developers. Fully compatible with EVA.

V-Core 3 page


A cantilevered, cartesian style printer with 1803 print volume, I'm on the development team of that one as well. Fully compatible with EVA.

V-Minion page


A Klipper-based "firmware bundle" created and maintained by Mikkel Schmidt.

RatOS allows you to quickly install the firmware for your printer, without the need to learn the very technical details of Klipper. This bundle contains presets not only for the printers listed above (and more) but also for the specific EVA variants. This is also where you can find different wiring diagrams.

RatOS page