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The Box feature is still being tested

Please feel free to use it, it was tested before release but never on a big scale. If there's anything wrong with the feature please file an issue on GitHub or let @McAbra know on Discord.

BOX Your configuration

This is the box - a feature of this documentation that is meant to help you to figure out which parts you need to build your EVA carriage

Typically you will need a drive, hotend, endstop and a bed probe:

Type Name Satisfies Remove CAD
{{item.type}} {{name}} {{item.satisfies | join}}
{{missing ? 'Missing items?' : 'All set!'}}

You might be missing items for a full EVA carriage:

Great! You should shave all that you need to build an EVA!

  • {{ satisfiesMap[name] }}


The table bellow contains an aggreegated bill of materials that sums up the bills of materials from the items that are in the box.

Part Quantity Name Type
{{index + 1}} {{part.qty}} {{}} {{}} {{part.type}}

Your box is empty, use the navigation on the left to find the components you are interested in and add them to your box.

Local Storage

The box is stored in the Local Storage of you browser and will be purged when it recognizes that the contents were gathered on an older version of EVA. This feature does not store any user identifying data.