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Frequently Asked Questions

How to pronounce EVA?

EVA is named after my wife Ewa (polish Eve) you read it like: EH-v uh (/ˈɛ.va/) - like in pEt, Very, Up.

Can I buy you a beer?

Sure, I'm not much of a drinker though, I also only drink coffee at home. But if you want to support this work of mine you can use the link. The money I gather there I spend on parts, filament and stuff I generally need to use when testing EVA.

Sadly, there is no other way to sponsor EVA as platform like Patreon can't be used with the broken polish tax system... (rant redacted)

How can I contribute or make derivatives / remixes

Remix this model on

The rules are:

  1. follow the License - to name a few:
    1. attribute
    2. release under the same license
  2. do not remove any of the EVA logos from the parts

Contributions? Where to put them?

Here: I'm thinking about something like the old contrib page that would require less maintenance.

What color scheme can be used?

As long as it's not purple it's fine. As everyone knows black color is the strongest but green is the fastest EVA is black/green so we have the benefits of both ;)

What is the print orientation and why are the STLs not in the right one?

It's too much work for me to maintain to rotate it all, either it's going to be a post-process thing I can figure out or we are stuck with how it is. You can find a preview of the orientation in the getting started page.

Wouldn't it be better to attach the hotend directly to the extruder?

It depends, better for what? One of the design goals was to have the motor on top of the MGN carriage, as it weights the most. From there we go down to the nozzle tip, having different sized hotends to support there has to be an interface "layer" between the two. Once you'll use it you will likely forget that this ever bothered you - that's how it was for many users since EVA 1.0.

Why did you did it like that?

I don't remember.

No, seriously why?

I don't want to talk about it :}

Dragon support? Clones in general?

No, for my own reasons EVA 3 will not support the Dragon hotend officially and the only entity that can change that is the company that is producing it. This is not about the other company or patents that work worldwide or not - this is about my rules that I want to follow (this time).

Same goes for clones, those are important for beginners but again - I would not feel OK supporting those.